The Beyond Platform 7 methodology has been developed from listening and learning over a 30-year timeframe, employing techniques from the world of above-the-line advertising, art interventions and creating alternative focus group models.

Founder, John McKiernan has held senior roles in prestigious advertising agencies, founded several successful businesses and mentored numerous small businesses while developing the BP7 method. See more of the work behind the method here.

What People Say

A form of “‘reverse advertising’ […] rooted in an emotional engagement that is brought to the project by the audience; and thus rather than being divided and segmented as audiences they are united by their diversity of their own responses to the practice.” more

Prof. Andy Pratt, City University

“Stations are far far more important than just transport hubs, they are community centres, they are places where people can meet, enjoy themselves and the opportunity to using these venues for showing sculpture, paintings, poetry reading is something that we very much support, enjoy and we as a company hugely benefit from” more

Mark Carney, CEO, Network Rail

“A remarkable feat to bring all these different demonstrators together in such a cohesive way, the entire management board are impressed with the final outcome at Abbey Road” more

Prof. Mark d’Inverno, Goldsmiths, University of London, discussing FAST Impact event

Discuss your project in total confidence

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