Beyond Platform 7 works with academics, business and entrepreneurs to distil complex ideas into to an accessible presentation, business plan or event

Fusing Audio and Semantic Technologies (FAST) | Abbey Road Studios

Combinational Method

A unique method has been developed using combination of art intervention, inverted advertising practices and redesigning focus group techniques

Surprise and Delight London Bridge | Network Rail

Project Planning

Key attributes of the proposition are first identified and later magnified to enhance the intended message for a specified audience

Moving__Me? | Across London Council Estates

Telling Story

Designing how the message is delivered is as important as the storytelling itself, requiring thoughtful understanding of the values and motivations of the audience

Audio Commons | Horizon 2020 EU-Funded

Methodological Approach

The focus is always, who is being addressed, why will they be interested, how will they be reached, what will they be told, how will they react, what will they do the next

What Do Clients Say?

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